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12th Annual SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300
Round 5 of six-race 2007 SCORE Desert Series
Post-Race Quotes

38 Garron Cadiente (first place in class) – drove solo “Man, what a race. It was crazy out there. We just didn’t let up the whole time. Thank BF Goodrich for what they do for us. We didn’t have a crowd out there all day, there was no one following us. Everybody gave a lot – you guys did a lot for us with the press this weekend. Cheeseburger, where ever you’ re at, I love you buddy. But I’ve got to tell you that guy was on us all day.
You couldn’t relax. There’s so many guys that so fast, so many good trucks. It was just a great day for us…Definitely, you have to just keep tabs on everybody behind you but sometimes that tough. We were right in the middle. Everybody was going fast today and I think we just did it a little bit better than everybody else. We’re real excited about this and this was a race we really wanted to win.”

On passing Wyllie:
“Todd (Wyllie) was ahead of us for awhile and we took him over at about Race Mile 55. He ran really good all day. Never saw him until the last lap when we finally started seeing his dust. The course was extremely rough but we ran really hard though.” (4 hours, 56 minutes, 34 seconds – 3 minutes plus ahead of Mark Post./Rob MacCachren)
On waiting for the race results:
“It’s always scary at the end when you have these guys coming in like this. BJ, and Mark and Rob, been tough all year. They’re just there every race and it’s so tough and it’s a little nervous at the end. I was really confident that we had them. Our split times were good all day. We did have a couple of mechanical issues where we did have to stop a couple of laps. But the guys did a great job today. We kicked *&^% today!” On the year following his rookie of the year award: “It’s a little bit rougher year than I expected but it’s alright. This was the race where we wanted to regroup and do really well in the points and go in with a full head of steam into the 1000. We are right there in the points. With these guys finishing two and three, it’s going to be really tough to run up on them. So it’s going to take a big win like the 1000 to really pull one out for us. Right there, just to be in the mix with these guys – it’s a super tough series this year. It’s getting tougher every year and these guys are just tremendous drivers. All the equipment is getting better. It’s just a fabulous time and I just want to enjoy the most out of it.”
3 Mark Post (second place in class)
Quote by Rob MacCachren (Post drove the first 112 miles and MacCachren finished) (drove in on a flat tire) – “We’re in a real stiff points battle with BJ (Baldwin) and he was three points up on us coming into this event. We have one more event after this one, the SCORE Baja 1000, and we wanted to try to make some of those points up. BJ got a four minute lead on us and on the last lap I just went for broke and tried to catch him. About mile marker 55 or so we were door to door and I couldn’t make the pass stick. He got back in front of me and I was just going crazy through the dust and ended up getting a front flat tire. About a mile after I had my flat front tire, I hadn’t stopped yet, BJ was pulled over changing his so we took a gamble and tried to drive it in here so we could make sure we stayed in front of him and the gamble paid off.”
1 B.J. Baldwin (third place in class) – drove solo “Well we drew dead last (in position) and we tried to pick them off one by one for the first lap and not take any risks and then go racing for the second lap. We passed a lot of cars. Oh man, me and Rob had great fight and the last 30 miles was awesome. Mark (Post) and I ran real close in Las Vegas. I tried to catch (Todd) Wyllie and (Garron) Cadiente but I really needed to finish in front of Mark (Post) for the points. I have not idea so I just need to stand here and wait (for the results).” “I had a great day today. We drew last place with a couple cars starting behind us. First lap we just took it easy so see who was going to have issue and who wasn’t. From the second lap on it I just tried to pick people off. The best part of my whole day was going to war with Rob this last 30 miles. It was crazy. Robb (MacCrachren) was trying to get me. He gained some time on me when I got stuck behind a couple of cars and I got a flat. He went by and then he got a flat. He drove in on a flat and I tried to beat him here. I’m not quite sure I made it.”
85 Todd Wyllie (fourth place in class) – drove solo “I had the lead they were telling me by several minutes for the first two laps and then all of a sudden Garron (Cadiente) came out of nowhere and caught up to me and then he had me by a couple of minutes so I tried pushing it and had an additional flat. Then he got by me so that allowed him to come on in first at that point. He (Garron) had me on time, somewhere through the third lap he caught up to me on time I don’t really know where. It was kind of incredible how fast he caught up with me.”
19 Ed Herbst (fifth place in class) – drove second 2 laps “We had problems and it cost us some down time. Our CV’s were binding up and it affected our 4-wheel drive. It just got a lot of silt in there and I think they are just binding up with the silt, so we had to grease them up a bunch of times but other than that we had a pretty good day, just not enough.

100 - Larry Roeseler (first place in class) – drove first 2 laps Quotes by Troy Herbst, co-driver – drove second 2 laps “I drove Class I last year. This year I’m back in the Trophy Truck. It was my brother who had an injury last year. We had problems and it cost us some down time. Our CV’s were binding up and it affected our 4-wheel drive just got a lot of silt in there and I think they are just binding up with the silt, so we had to grease them up a bunch of times but other than that we had a pretty good day. It was just not enough. “It was a great race, a little dusty, a little rocky. It was a good time out here, everyone had friends and everyone was having a good time. I’m pretty happy with the results. Everything went really good today. I started out with Larry this morning and then later hopped in the driver’s seat. It was really fun today. I had a blast. Larry did the first two (laps) and I did the second two (laps).”
134 - Harley Letner (second place in class) – drove first 2 laps “We had problems with the motor at the first 20 mile marker. We lost a hood and heating problems. Mike Ballard – (Drove the final laps) “Our first problem was when we hit the first bed of silt and it just died on us so we shut it down and got out, checked it all out, reset the computer and got it fired back up and it started running by then. We ran it for about 20 miles and saw it was running very hot at about 250 on the temperature. So we slowed down and cooled it down and it ran down at 220 after that.”
102 - Eric Chase (third place in class) – father drove 1st two laps Eric drove final 2 laps “My Dad did the first two (laps). We had a really good run. He hurt his arm a couple of weeks ago testing and we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to do one or two or any laps. He was able to do two. We had clean laps, no flats at all. Me and my friend, Chris Wilson, got in at the beginning of the third lap. Had a really good third lap, passed a couple of Class 1 cars, a couple of trophy trucks. Herbst got around us on the fourth (lap). We ran a little bit more of a conservative fourth lap. We’re fifth in points and we’re trying save it for the end. We saw a couple of cars that were ahead of us in points and we just wanted to get here to the finish.”
108 - Armin Schwarz (fourth place in class) (Schwarz drove two laps and Matthias Kahle drove two laps) “It was a year ago that Martin introduced me to racing so, for me, it was a good experience to come back here and race again. We had a perfectly prepared car. So, we had nothing to worry about. We just took a chance to go really fast from the beginning.”
103 - Randy Wilson (fifth place in class) (Ronny started and Randy took over) “We had a couple of flat tires and we hit a lot of rocks.”

CLASS 1-2/1600
1618 - Cory Boyer (first place in class) “This feels awesome. It’s my first win ever in the desert. I got my first win in Choke Horse earlier this year in April and it’s awesome. I’ve been waiting for this since I was 18 and I’m 22 now.”
1611 - Aaron Hawley (second place in class) (On being the first one in.) “Yes, I’m the first one in for this class but there is another guy coming so it’s going to be close on times.”

300 - Donald Moss (first place in class) “The course was unbelievably dusty. We had everybody together for awhile and everybody stuck with us, but we hung in there and they were quite a ways back from what we could tell. We had a pretty good run. It would have been good to have a little bit of wind but there wasn’t anything early on. I didn’t see most of the first lap. It was all covered with dust. I want to thank the sponsors West Coast Popular, B.F. Goodrich - everything held up perfectly. I can’t say enough about my crew for all the work they did. They tore the front end up and completely rebuilt it over the past two week so we are pretty happy with this finish.”
305 - Kirk Kovel (second place in class) “It was pretty bad right off the bat. At about Mile 4, a Class 7 truck got stuck in the silt; about three cars got piled up there and they wanted a push. So, I backed up and rammed them and got them going but then I got stuck. So, I had to get out, get myself unstuck and took back off and then all the dust was gone. At about Mile 4, I went straight for about two miles then tried to turn around and get back on the course and got going again. Other than that I had carburetor problems most of the day and then I had a flat on the last lap and then (car) 301 passed me.”

518 - Kevin Carr (first place in class) “It was a good course, good race. Thanks a lot to everybody who helped support us – especially my Dad. He couldn’t make it up here but he’s been looking up the IRC and he’s been watching us all day. It’s been a (few years) coming and it feels pretty good. Michelle was right behind us and she was giving us a good race. The car ran beautifully-- no problems with mechanical. No flats. Great day! Everything went smooth. You know we didn’t want to go slow or fast we just took our pace and so we handled it.”
500 - George Seeley (second place in class) “I think the course was great. Sal set it up a lot better. It was really neat. They just gave us a fresh motor for this and we put on new B.F. Goodrich tires. Our training was fixed up by Fortner. We really abused the (bleeping) arms on this thing today. We just put new (King) shocks in the front – our coil springs – so it really handled a lot better in the dips today and we were able to run the pace and the last lap we knew where we were so we just kept on going just to get second. We really appreciate you guys being out here.
501 - Michelle Bruckmann (third place in class) “The race was so much fun. I thought it was a fast track and going to be a semi-easy race but I had it so wrong. Half the race (the car) was broken out in the middle of nowhere. We broke twice the shock bolt --the shock mount-- so we had to fix it twice. We welded it, so we lost a lot of time.”

CLASS 5/1600
553 - Rulo Solano (first place in class) Rulo Solano’s daughter – “It was an awesome race and a great course. Everyone out there was terrific – a great race. We had no problems whatsoever.”
556 - Mario Reynoso (second place in class) Francisco Reynoso (brother and co-driver) – “We lost power steering and had no brakes. Mario drove 1˝ laps.”

700 - Dan Chamlee (third place in class) “I was never in the lead. I was nursing no gas n the shocks for two laps. I don’t know why, but for some reason we didn’t have gas in the shocks for two laps. We couldn’t really get into the throttle all night long. We got along for third place.

758 Rich Severson – (first place in class) (On the close finish). “If we are within a minute, we got him. He started a minute ahead of us today. No problems, just a rough course. No flats. We paced ourselves. In the third lap we had to leave for a while and Jim caught us and we just chased him down to the finish and I think we got him.
745 - Jim Hinesley (driver of record) (second place in class) Co-driver Igor Galvan – “I think Rich got us by time. I think we got second place. We just got a couple of flats on the way, had a little fire, we had all kinds of things going on.”

802 - Glenn Greer (first place in class) – drove solo “We had a scepter shaft break on our steering box in that real rough stuff back there. Toyo’s tires did great. We had traction all day. (Nick Vanderwey) is very good down there at Baja. We haven’t beaten him down there, but I’ll try.”

949 – Rob MacDonald (first place in class) “In the first lap with Wagner we broke a fuel pump and the shifter popped out so we could only keep it in second gear. We had some pretty long down time, but actually I had no trouble when I got in after he fixed it. I had no trouble at all, just a great run. We debut the brand new car.”

1006 - Chris Harrold (first place in class) “I got a flat on the 1st lap and I lost my GPS so I had to be really careful with the speeds because I didn’t have the GPS read out. Then I lost my water bottle and had a lap and a half to go and I was getting awful thirsty without any water. And then we got a flat at the end somewhere. I was pushing really hard and I rode it in on a flat in the end. There was a stock truck dogging me and I had to eat his dust all the way to the finish so that slowed me down a bit on this last part. In spite of all that I might have pulled it off. I think I had to beat these guys by about five minutes to win.”
1004 - Robert McBeath (second place in class) “It went pretty good. We lost power steering on the third lap. We got that fixed and after that it was home free. Otherwise, it went very smooth the rest of the day.”
1016 - Larry Job (third place in class) “The race was great at the beginning, everything was flawless and then we broke a front ring and pinion and lost the 4-wheel drive at about Mile 26. It took about 20 minutes to triage the front-end to 2-wheel drive so it would still roll.”
1001 - Adam Wik (fourth place in class) “We were down for about 25 or 30 minutes at least. It was a really bad tire change you could say since it fell off the jack and they had to dig it out. It happened about Mile Marker 56, which is up in the big rocks and tough because it’s not flat around there. But overall we’ve been doing just an outstanding job all year.”

1209 - Jason Batulis (first place in class)
1249 - Ty Godde (second place in class) “I don’t know how close we were but we are within four or five minutes. We stopped for fuel in the first lap so we could lighten the car so we could make up time and lost about a half a minute there.”

861 – John Griffin (first place in class) “We didn’t stop. The car ran perfect. It was pretty rough – this sucks it up pretty good. The second lap was a little more rough than the first. The bumps got a little more square. We had a pretty uneventful race. We only stuffed one hole. The course was a little rough but not as bad as last year. No flats.”
863 - Chad Hall (second place in class) “I got one! We had no trouble at all. The course was really rough and we just kind of motored around. We had absolutely no problems whatsoever and ended up having a good day. I’ve never raced this course before. Obviously, I’ve run part of it many times, but not actual Primm. No, I wasn’t surprised with my first time. We weren’t going to go fast. We were going to just drive around. I mean we would drive as fast as this thing would go and (Gavin) went real fast the first lap and we just worked on it and kept going.”
860 - Terry Henn (third place in class) ‘It was a fun day. We just had a little mishap at the beginning. We got kind of sidetracked with the dust and made a little detour which took us completely out of the way and we had a little trouble getting back because they wanted us back on the track where we detoured.”

779 - Gavin Skilton (first place in class) “This was the roughest course ever! I can’t wait to get to (The SCORE Baja 1000). I had some mechanical problems. I had a trailing arm break on the first lap. I was in the lead with a good lead then I just got stuck with people blocking the washes then not marking blind corners and coming around corners. I had to take getting stuck over hitting them. It’s very dangerous when people don ’t mark themselves around a blind corner when they’re stopped in the course. The next race, the SCORE Baja 1000 is where I like to race. Nevada is very tough to race in the stock production cars.”
761 - Steve Kovach (second place in class) “It was real dusty in the morning. We started off in the sun and it made it pretty exciting and the course has changed each lap dramatically. What’s next for us? The 1000 – we’re geared up for it. We finished second today. (Rod Hall) passed me and I could never get back with him.”

235 - Jason Voss (first place in class) – drove solo “The track was good. Our truck worked awesome the whole time until six miles out when we lost the distributor gear. It cost us about 40 minutes.”

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